About Interest Groups

Windsor u3a has more than 90 interest groups: some are quite academic, others artistic, musical, physical, practical, recreational, social, or a combination of these. They are individually described in other parts of the website, best access via the Interest Groups page, or use the Search box. There’s also a link to a monthly timetable below. Most members find the groups are fun, informative and play a valuable role in contributing to their mental and/or physical well-being.

The interest groups are at the heart of the u3a concept and each has one or more convenors, but they are all highly participative; each member is encouraged to contribute their own knowledge and expertise.

Different groups meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on their members’ preferences. We encourage the formation of new groups, based on the suggestions of our members and help is available in the early stages.

Accessibility information for groups meeting at members’ homes is also available here.
Accessibility at convenors homes, organised by group name, updated 14/06/2024 – tba

We keep a list of interest groups along with meeting times and the convenor’s name and telephone number, so all you have to do to join a group or obtain more information is to give the convenor a call or an e-mail. The list is provided to all new members and the latest version is available on this web site, delving in to which allows access to convenors directly from the Group’s web page on this site.

You can belong to as many groups as you wish, with no change to your annual subscription.

While (in normal times) many meetings are held in members’ houses, a few of the larger groups hire a room, and this is reflected in the meeting fees. Typically a £1 contribution is expected where you attend someone’s house and are provided with refreshments, but fees for meetings in halls or similar are set to cover those costs. The use of any excess accruing over the year is determined by the group members.