AGM 2022

Annual General Meeting

The 2022 AGM will commence at 14:00 on Wednesday 13th April 2022 in Gardeners’ Hall and also on-line via Zoom video conferencing. The Zoom invitation will be sent to all members nearer the date.

It is imperative, to avoid having to reconvene a second AGM, that we are quorate on the AGM date (sum of Proxy votes received + Zoom + Hall attendees = 90 or more).

Please use the Proxy Voting Form if:

  • you cannot attend Gardeners’ Hall at 2pm on Weds 13th April 2022
  • you are unable to join the Zoom video conference at 2pm on Weds 13th April 2022
  • you are one of a pair of joint members who will join via Zoom together

The committee needs your engagement if we are to complete the AGM at the first attempt, which will allow us to move on to organising the varied schedule of events planned for 2022, the u3a’s 40th anniversary year.

Thank you.

You will also be sent the relevant documents by the method held in your GDPR communication preferences, but they are also available here: AGM 2022 documents


The committee appreciates that not all members may be familiar with Zoom, so help is available – just contact one of the committee via their contact details on the About our Committee page.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Adoption of Minutes of 2021 AGM
    – Proposed by Adele McNally, seconded by Rachel Ellerker
  3. Presentation of the Chairman’s report for 2021
  4. Treasurer’s Report and adoption of the accounts for 2021
    – Proposed by David Oldcorn, seconded by Ron Snowball
  5. Appointment of independent examiner for the accounts
    – Proposed by Sue Todd, seconded by Norma Jeffries
  6. Election of members to fill Committee vacancies:
    a) Elect our Membership Secretary to the committee
    Kate Fagence – Proposed by Sheila Roberton, seconded by Liz Baker
    b) Elect our new Treasurer to the committee
    David Treder – Proposed by Jane Standley, seconded by Marion Mackenzie
    c) Elect our new Data Admin to the committee
    Derek Gadd – Proposed by Anne Farley, seconded by Alan Wheeler
  7. Discuss and vote on any resolutions:
    a) I support the resolution to give the committee authority to set the renewal subscription rate for 2023 later by December 2022 latest – Proposed by Sheila Roberton, seconded by Penny Dugdale
  8. Matters raised for discussion
  9. Date of next AGM

Please use the Proxy Voting Form to register your votes.