Question or Resolution form

To allow a quorate voting total to be attained, with proxies submitted ahead of the AGM date, committee nominations and resolutions, which need to appear in the official documentation*, must be submitted no later than 12th March 2022. Questions submitted after that date can still be answered, as can any raised during the AGM itself.

Pre-pandemic, Windsor U3A allowed questions or resolutions from the attendees on the day of the AGM, and attendance was sufficient to be quorate. For 2022, we are very unlikely to be quorate on the day, it requires preparation to allow remote and non-attendees to vote, just as we did for the Zoom-only AGMs held in 2020 and 2021.

* The ‘official documentation’ must be sent to all members at least 21 days ahead of the AGM date.

    I wish to submit the following to the 2020 AGM.