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The Invisible World

We live in an invisible world of bacteria and viruses. They were running our planet billions of years before the first little Homo Sapiens came creeping from the forests of Africa, and we have been relying on them for life, and fighting to survive them and other pathogens, ever since.

Music groups make the most of lock-down

As mentioned in the closing editorial of July’s Newsletter, Malcolm Hellings, a member of several of Windsor U3A’s varied music groups, has been organising the distribution (by e-mail) of pdf play lists submitted by himself and other group members over recent months. This project has become the Music for a Desert Island group, see below for a list of other music listening groups.

Interactive July 2020 Newsletter

Thank you everyone who has responded to my appeal for contributions to this month’s newsletter. It is a bumper issue and I have been able to include only a selection and have précised some pieces. If your contribution does not appear this month, it may be published in our August newsletter

Interactive June 2020 Newsletter

Many new ways and means of keeping in contact are emerging and Windsor U3A will try to help members by implementing ideas suggested by U3A Trust and other U3A groups nationwide, to make it as easy as possible to stay in touch and to keep learning during lockdown.