Coronavirus Support Page

This page has been created to communicate support and useful links during these times of isolation.

This area of the Windsor U3A website is a place where members can share ideas and thoughts, suggest what groups are doing to still continue, and give links to helpful areas.

Windsor U3A

Members contributions

Interactive June 2020 Newsletter

Many new ways and means of keeping in contact are emerging and Windsor U3A will try to help members by implementing ideas suggested by U3A Trust and other U3A groups nationwide, to make it as easy as possible to stay in touch and to keep learning during lockdown.
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Making Scrubs for the NHS

Several members have been very busy sewing scrubs items for the NHS in various areas, here are their achievements and reflections.
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VE Day 75th Anniversary Memories

Four years ago, my sisters and I were clearing my Dad’s house after he died, and we found letters written to Dad by both of his parents on VE Day and the day after.
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Sign up for Malcolm’s musical interludes

While Windsor U3A can’t give you the listening figures that the 78-year-old radio favourite does, it can offer you the chance to share the soundtrack of your life with other members, or just sit back and listen to someone else do it, once or twice a month.
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From Perth with love

Explore London 2 convenor Ann Vaughan was on holiday in Perth (Australia) when the Covid-19 crisis broke. She writes ‘home’
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Maggie’s Way

Maggie, convenor of our Creative Writing group sends her thoughts after the initial lockdown period. She says:
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Brigitte’s new book

Historian and Windsor U3A member Brigitte is appealing for any U3A member who has personal anecdotes or photographs of the town during the Second World War.
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Third Age Trust

Mindfulness with U3A

Quoted from Third Age Trust website: “U3A members are invited to join weekly mindfulness sessions hosted on the our YouTube Channel and run by the mindfulness Subject Adviser, Nancy Taylor.
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Mr Motivator with U3A goes live

Mr Motivator has teamed up with U3A for a series of exercising videos. The fitness personality, best known for his brightly-coloured outfits and enthusiastic work-outs, has created a six-day long programme for U3A members
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Trust embraces new members during isolation

The isolation imposed on the public by measures to combat Covid-19 has sparked a demand from the elderly for U3A membership. The requests have come into the Third Age Trust from across the country via Facebook,…
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How to get the most out of your U3A

A comprehensive guide to the programmes and projects the Third Age Trust team has been working on to support U3As around the country is published in this April’s national U3A newsletter.
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U3A How-To Technology links

The Third Age Trust has compiled a list of useful and comprehensive links to various on-line resources to help with setting up new methods of staying in touch with fellow members, friends and family.
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