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By | October 29, 2022

Our lead photo shows some group members beginning their visit to an open garden in Earley, Reading, courtesy of Jo Wattis.

September visit to an ‘open’ garden in Earley, Reading.

In mid-September, the group visited an open garden in the Earley area of Reading. Jo Wattis shares her pictures below.

Our group visited a real gem last month. It was like an Aladdin’s cave, full of wonders and surprises! And so colourful!  I wondered how such a small bungalow could have a garden grand enough to open to the public. We were greeted with a blaze of colour from many different flowers and plants, including azaleas, hydrangeas, petunias, clematis. Pat, the owner described these as her ’Welcome!” beds. She explained that the growing medium was 50% woodchip and 50% soil.

The garden in her courtyard was built in tiers around many objects and areas created using recycled wood. It was south facing and so had sun all day. It included an outdoor dining room where there  was  plenty of room for us all to enjoy our afternoon tea!

What we  found in that relatively small garden was amazing –  including two vegetable troughs which  gave  enough produce for Pat’s family to be self sufficient in this respect; a greenhouse; three waterbuts; ornaments made from bamboo roots; an insect hotel….. Attention to details was amazing!

Jo Wattis

October Plant Swap

In October, Carole hosted the Autumn Plant Swap.

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