A-Z List of Groups

A compact A-Z list of Interest Groups offered by Windsor U3A.

Showing all 88 Interest Groups.
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ABC of Pop     (Music)
Badminton     (Physical Activities)
Ballet Appreciation     (Arts and Crafts)
Boys’ Toys     (Out and About, Science & Technology)
Bridge (Guided)     (Games)
Bridge (Improvers)     (Games)
Bridge For Beginners     (Games)
Chess     (Games)
Classical Music     (Music)
Crafts 1     (Arts and Crafts)
Crafts 2     (Arts and Crafts)
Creative Writing     (Literature and Writing)
Current Affairs 1     (Discussions)
Current Affairs 2     (Discussions)
Current Affairs 3     (Discussions)
Current Affairs 4     (Discussions)
Cycling Group     (Out and About, Physical Activities)
Drawing & Sketching     (Arts and Crafts)
Economics     (Discussions)
Explore London 1     (Out and About)
Explore London 2     (Out and About)
Family History     (History)
French 2 (Intermediate A)     (Languages)
French 3 (Intermediate B)     (Languages)
French For Fun     (Languages)
Gardening     (Out and About)
Gardening 2     (Out and About)
Geocaching     (Out and About)
German 1 (Stammtisch)     (Languages)
German 2 (Conversation)     (Languages)
History     (Discussions, History)
History Of Design     (History)
History of Film     (Arts and Crafts)
Italian Basic     (Languages)
Italian for Beginners 2     (Languages)
Italian Intermediate     (Languages)
Jazz     (Music)
Just Cook     (Food and Drink)
Latin     (Languages)
Live From     (Music)
Local History     (History)
Lunch Club     (Food and Drink)
Mah-Jong     (Games)
Microbes and Society     (Discussions, Science & Technology)
Modern Ethics     (Discussions)
MOTO 1 (Members On Their Own)     (Out and About, Social)
MOTO 2 (Members On Their Own)     (Out and About, Social)
Opera and Dance     (Music, Out and About)
Photography     (Arts and Crafts, Out and About)
Play Reading     (Literature and Writing)
Politics Today 2     (Discussions)
Psychology     (Discussions, Science & Technology)
Quiz Email     (Games)
Quiz Group     (Games)
Reading Group 1     (Literature and Writing)
Reading Group 2     (Literature and Writing)
Reading Group 3     (Literature and Writing)
Reading Group 4     (Literature and Writing)
Reading group 5     (Literature and Writing)
Rummikub 1     (Games)
Rummikub 2     (Games)
Science     (Science & Technology)
Scrabble     (Games)
Show Music     (Music)
Singing For Fun     (Music)
Spanish Conversation     (Languages)
Spanish For Beginners 1     (Languages)
Spanish Intermediate     (Languages)
Table Tennis 1     (Physical Activities)
Table Tennis 2     (Physical Activities)
Tea and Jazz     (Music)
The Writing Group     (Literature and Writing)
Ukulele     (Music)
War Studies     (Discussions, History)
Watercolour painting     (Arts and Crafts)
Windsor Area Walks     (Out and About, Physical Activities)
Wine Appreciation     (Food and Drink)
World Cinema     (Arts and Crafts)
World Cuisine     (Food and Drink)
Yoga     (Physical Activities)
Yoga (Chair)     (Physical Activities)