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Badminton     (Physical Activities) Tuesday afternoon
Ballet Appreciation     (Arts and Crafts) Monday afternoon
Boys’ Toys     (Out and About, Science & Technology) day of week all day (tba)
Bridge (Guided)     (Games) Tuesday afternoon
Bridge (Guided) Online     (Games) Thursday afternoon
Bridge (Improvers)     (Games) Wednesday morning
Bridge Improvers 2     (Games) Wednesday afternoon
CAMEO – Central Windsor     (Wellbeing) Tuesday morning
CAMEO – Datchet     (Wellbeing) Wednesday morning
CAMEO – Old Windsor     (Wellbeing) Wednesday morning
CAMEO – Sunningdale     (Wellbeing) Tuesday morning
CAMEO – West Windsor     (Wellbeing) Wednesday morning
Chess     (Games) Monday morning
Classical Music     (Music) Thursday afternoon
Crafts 1     (Arts and Crafts) Tuesday afternoon
Crafts 2     (Arts and Crafts) Tuesday afternoon
Creative Writing For Fun 1     (Literature and Writing) Monday afternoon
Creative Writing For Fun 2     (Literature and Writing) Thursday afternoon
Current Affairs 1     (Discussions) Thursday afternoon
Current Affairs 2     (Discussions) Friday afternoon
Current Affairs 3     (Discussions) Friday afternoon
Current Affairs 4     (Discussions) Tuesday afternoon
Cycling     (Out and About, Physical Activities) Wednesday morning
Economic Affairs     (Discussions) Thursday afternoon
Explore London 1     (Out and About) day of week all day (tba)
Explore London 2     (Out and About) day of week all day (tba)
Family History     (History) Tuesday afternoon
Flower Arranging     (Arts and Crafts) Thursday afternoon
French 1 (Adv Conversation)     (Languages) Thursday afternoon
French 2 (Intermediate A)     (Languages) Tuesday afternoon
French For Fun     (Languages) Tuesday morning
French For Improvers     (Languages) Thursday morning
Gardening 1     (Out and About) Thursday afternoon
Gardening 2     (Out and About) Wednesday afternoon
Geocaching 1 (Advanced)     (Out and About) Monday morning
Geocaching 2 (Beginners)     (Out and About) Monday morning
German 1 (Stammtisch)     (Languages) Monday morning
German 2 (Conversation)     (Languages) Tuesday morning
History     (Discussions, History) Monday afternoon
History Of Design     (History) Tuesday morning
Italian (Advanced conversation)     (Languages) Friday morning
Italian (Improvers conversation)     (Languages) Friday morning
Italian (Improvers)     (Languages) Friday morning
Jazz     (Music) Friday morning
Just Cook     (Food and Drink) Monday at noon
Latin     (Languages) Friday morning
Lawn Bowls     (Out and About, Physical Activities) Friday morning
Learning From Experience     (Discussions) Friday afternoon
Live From     (Music) day of week - time varies (tba)
Local History     (History) Monday afternoon
Mah-Jong     (Games) Tuesday afternoon
Make Your Own Clothes     (Arts and Crafts) Friday morning
Modern Ethics     (Discussions) Thursday morning
MOTO 1 (Members On Their Own)     (Out and About, Wellbeing) Wednesday morning
MOTO 2 (Members On Their Own)     (Out and About, Wellbeing) Sunday afternoon
MOTO 3 (Members On Their Own)     (Out and About, Wellbeing) Sunday at noon
Music for a Desert Island     (Music) Friday morning
Music Makers     (Music) Thursday morning
National Trust Outings     (Out and About) day of week all day (tba)
Online FaceBook – Windsor u3a In Touch     (Online (fully), Wellbeing) day of week - time varies (tba)
Online WhatsApp – Windsor u3a Chat     (Online (fully), Wellbeing) day of week - time varies (tba)
Photography     (Arts and Crafts, Out and About) Monday afternoon
Play Reading     (Literature and Writing) Wednesday morning
Poetry Reading     (Literature and Writing) Thursday afternoon
Politics Today 2     (Discussions) Thursday morning
Quiz Email     (Games) Wednesday evening
Quiz Group     (Games) Wednesday afternoon
Reading Group 1     (Literature and Writing) Tuesday afternoon
Reading Group 2     (Literature and Writing) Wednesday afternoon
Reading Group 4     (Literature and Writing) Monday afternoon
Reading Group 5     (Literature and Writing) Thursday afternoon
Rummikub 1     (Games) Wednesday afternoon
Rummikub 2     (Games) Wednesday afternoon
Scrabble     (Games) Tuesday afternoon
Shorter Walks     (Out and About, Physical Activities) Wednesday afternoon
Show Music     (Music) Monday afternoon
Singing For Fun     (Music) Tuesday afternoon
Spanish Conversation     (Languages) Monday morning
Spanish for Fun     (Languages) Monday morning
Stargazers     (Science & Technology) Monday afternoon
Table Tennis 1     (Physical Activities) Thursday afternoon
Tea and Jazz     (Music) Tuesday afternoon
The 60’s and 70’s     (Discussions, History, Music) Thursday afternoon
The Writing Group     (Literature and Writing) Wednesday afternoon
Thinking Inside (the box)     (Discussions, Games) Monday afternoon
u3a Amblers     (Out and About, Physical Activities) Thursday morning
Ukulele     (Music) Tuesday morning
Wardrobe Friends     (Arts and Crafts) Friday afternoon
Watercolour Card Making     (Arts and Crafts) Tuesday afternoon
Watercolour Painting     (Arts and Crafts) Thursday morning
Windsor Area Walks     (Out and About, Physical Activities) Friday morning
Wine Appreciation     (Food and Drink) Thursday afternoon
World Cuisine     (Food and Drink) Tuesday evening

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