Covid19 Guidance for Group activities

As of 24th October 2020, Slough residents are in Tier 2 (High), while the surrounding areas our u3a covers, remain in Tier 1 (Medium).

This page will be kept updated as changes occur, so that the summary advice and Government and/or Third Age Trust links remain current.

Our interpretation (updated 27/10/2020)

Interest groups may currently meet in groups of up to 6 inside private homes (Tier 1 only) and private gardens where the necessary steps have been taken to ensure it is covid-secure and other requirements have been met. The only exemption to the Rule of 6 that might affect u3a groups – whether meeting indoor or outdoors – is for some sports where they are played in a dedicated sports centre and after the sports governing bodies have agreed guidelines with the government.

Otherwise, all u3a group meetings, whether at home, in a community hall, to visit gardens or a garden centre, are now subject to Covid-19 guidance and to the Rule of 6.

In all cases, private or public, the trust is emphasising the importance of convenors conducting risk assessments of meeting places so that every group member has the necessary information to decide if they feel safe enough to attend.

Convenors/hosts must:

  • Suspend indoor group activities if they meet indoors in a Tier 2 area
  • Outdoor group activities may continue, subject to the ‘Rule of 6’
  • Share the Covid-19 risk assessment with group members before they meet
  • Ensure the venue is Covid-secure, well ventilated (if indoors) and is kept clean during the activity
  • Keep a record (for 21 days) of attendees and assist with NHS Test and Trace scheme
  • Not provide refreshments, nor share plates or utensils with people outside of their household
  • Manage the activity participation to avoid/minimise risk of transmission by touch or airborne means and limit numbers to 6
  • Before recommencing face-to-face group activities, inform the Committee of their intention and complete a Covid-19 risk assessment that considers location, activity & participation that demonstrates social distancing and hygiene recommendations are in place – a written record must be retained

Potential attendees must:

  • In all cases below – observe social distancing, wear a face covering where appropriate and maintain good hygiene
  • If you live in a Tier 1 area, you may attend any activities also in a Tier 1 area
  • If you live in a Tier 1 area, you may attend outdoor activities in a Tier 2 area
  • If you live in a Tier 1 area, do not attend indoor activities hosted in a Tier 2 area
  • If you live in a Tier 2 area, you may only attend outdoor activities in Tier 1/2 areas
  • Review the convenor’s Covid-19 risk assessment
  • Complete their own personal* risk assessment before deciding to attend a face to face u3a activity
  • Let the convenor know in advance whether or not attending each meeting, so the convenor can manage numbers to comply with the ‘Rule of 6’
  • Not ‘car share’ (with someone outside their household) to get to or from the meeting
  • Take their own personal: hand sanitizer, gloves, mask, refreshments and use only these items
  • Provide their contact details to the host (if not the convenor) for use with NHS Test and Trace scheme if necessary
  • Avoid using toilets in other people’s home wherever possible

* This assessment is personal and does NOT need to be provided to a group leader or shared with any other person.

Government advice remains that “Certain groups of people are at increased risk of severe disease from coronavirus (COVID-19), including all people aged 70 or over. Such individuals are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household”.

Please consider carefully whether you should attend an interest group in person or whether attending it virtually, may be more appropriate.

If you need help with Zoom, please ask a committee member:
Contact details are on the ‘About our Committee‘ page

Third Age Trust documents (England)

This Third Age Trust document (17 pages) provides much useful information on various aspects of restarting Interest Group activities, covers risk assessments requirements, meeting location considerations (community hall, private homes and gardens), activities, walking and creative groups – art, craft, modelling. (Updated 21 September 2020)


This Third Age Trust document (2 pages) provides a template and blank risk assessment forms for both convenor/host and attendees.
U3A-KMS-FRM-014 General U3A Activity Risk Assessment Checklist in Covid-19.docx

Chart of Guidance to Covid numbers (England and Nations) v.002 – 26/10/2020

How To (technology) Guidance page – get help with Zoom, FaceBook, WhatsApp, email, etc.

Government coronavirus links (England)

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