The membership period runs from 1st January to 31st December and for 2023 the membership subscription is £14 per member, i.e. joint memberships pay £28.

Your U3A membership is administered in a separate database known as Beacon. You can access that from this page via the link below, which is known as the Beacon Members’ Portal.

In Beacon: you can update your U3A membership contact details e.g. telephone number and e-mail address, etc.

Also, providing your annual subscription is due (after the 1st January each year): you can renew through the portal and make payment using either a debit/credit card, or your PayPal account, if you have one. This is safe & secure – it also reduces administration and speeds up the whole process compared to all other methods. The details required were shown in your renewal invitation e-mail, this was sent on New Years’ day, 2023.

To log in, you may well be offered five boxes, to be filled in as below.

1) Your Membership Number can be found in your renewal invitation
2) Always enter your Forename as registered; e.g. if you registered as ‘David’, entering ‘Dave’ will cause a failure – see renewal invitation
3) The Surname field is case sensitive; so don’t forget to capitalise correctly
4) The Post code must match what you previously supplied – see renewal invitation
5) The e-mail address must match what you previously supplied – see renewal invitation

NB Please type in the information EXACTLY as it is shown in your e-mail, do not accept auto-fill (or auto-correct) choices. If copying (from e-mail) and pasting to Beacon, be sure to remove any extra spaces that might get included. Then set a password to make this process easier next year.

If you wish to add Emergency Contact information, please do so as follows: name, number and relationship, separated by commas. Our apologies if you previously gave us a number and we deleted it, but we need all three bits of information.

NB Please do not upload a photo.

If you are unfamiliar making on-line payments, please refer to this document showing the screens to expect and explaining how to use them. Online Renewal Guide

Please use this link to enter our Beacon Members’ Portal and refer to your renewal e-mail for the necessary information, check your spam/junk mail folder if you haven’t seen it yet – it was sent at 10:07 on 01/01/2023.

Meeting renewal for 2023

Renewal is also possible in person at our January or February Monthly Meetings, ideally paying with a debit/credit card, via our new Zettle card reader. Alternatively a cheque*, but not cash, will be accepted.

Postal renewal for 2023

You may also renew by posting a cheque for £14 made out to Windsor & District U3A to the following address;

Membership Secretary, Windsor & District U3A, Box 165, 24 – 28 St Leonards Road, Windsor, SL4 3BB

* Please use a BLACK pen and write your Membership number on the back of the cheque, this can be found in your renewal invitation.

Joint members may post a single cheque for £28, with both membership numbers written on the back.