Newsletter Extra – November 2022

By | November 1, 2022

Our lead photo this month by Maggie Reeve, showing Explore London 2 enjoying a fine day for their visit to Kenwood House and Gardens.

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Old Windsor Coffee Morning

I’ve just returned home after our first Old Windsor coffee morning on 5th October.
It was absolutely buzzing with people catching up with one another and exchanging news of various u3a group activities etc. Many thanks to all who came and made it such a success.

People didn’t want to leave! Some of us were still there at 12.30! Then Ron reminded us of an antiques fair at 1pm at the Memorial Hall!

Jo Wattis

Explore London 2

Explore London 2 visit Kenwood House and Gardens, with thanks to Maggie Reeve and Rosemary Deem for their pictures.

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Photography Group visit Runnymede

Nine of the group made an ostensible ‘landscape photography’ visit to Runnymede in September. It was good to see several new faces among the regulars.
The site is mostly owned by the National Trust, is the site of two famous monuments and some modern works of art which the group wanted to see.
The most famous, the Magna Carta memorial, was erected by the American Bar Association to mark the sealing of the charter by King John in 1215.
The memorial commemorating the life of US President, John F Kennedy, stands on an acre of ground which Britain gave to the US following his assassination in 1963.
Unfortunately, both these memorials were erected at a time when “accessibility” apparently wasn’t even considered.
The ‘modern’ works of art are Hay Sculptured Village and The Jurors, these are more accessible, being across a relatively flat field, rather than up a hill with steps.
We also tried to visit ‘Writ in the Water‘ but were disappointed to find, after the not insignificant walk, that it was closed for maintenance, perhaps we missed a sign nearer the car park.
At this point, most of the group retired to the National Trust Tea Rooms for a chat over a hot drink and light snack.

Dave Humphries

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October Monthly Meeting

Our guest speaker for the October Monthly Meeting was Anthony Poulton-Smith

Members Gallery

Alan Wheeler sent some photos from a holiday in Malta.

Jackie Wiggins visited the National Trust’s Wicken Fen Nature Reserve in October.

Jo Wattis shared some pictures taken at RHS Wisley’s Festival of Flavours

My thanks to all contributors,
Dave Humphries (Web Editor)