Newsletter Extra – October 2022

By | October 2, 2022

Our lead photo this month by Alan Wheeler of Windsor castle from the Thames path.

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Queen Elizabeth II remembered

Photos from Jo Wattis, Maggie Reeve and Alan Wheeler from local areas.

Sarah Slater’s dress sequence

We have Jackie Wiggins to thank for providing a sequence of shots from September’s Monthly Meeting speaker, Sarah Slater demonstrating how ladies dressed in times past.

Sandringham Coach Trip

Our thanks to Jo Wattis, Jackie Wiggins and Maggie Reeve for the photos from this trip,

Members Gallery

Photos from Alan Wheeler, who has been very active in the second half of September.
Alan started on the Forest Way and progressed to Groombridge station (Spa Valley Railway).

The next day he had a walk along the Thames path from Old Windsor, enjoying the wildlife (Grey Heron), lock, river and view of the castle. Two photos from this walk are included in the Queen’s section above.

A few days later we have some shots from a visit to Savill Gardens.

Concluding with some photos of Denham village.

My thanks to all contributors,
Dave Humphries (Web Editor)