Speaker Liaison


During the pandemic, Windsor and District u3a began online ZOOM Talks instead of speakers and members attending our usual venue of Gardeners Hall, Windsor. In September 2021 we began Hybrid Meetings, combining attendance at the hall and online Zoom for members to join from home. This has been successful but has required fine tuning of arrangements with both presenters and technical staff.  We now have a clearer definition of how Hybrid meetings can run successfully.


The Questionnaire below is to help establish suitability of future Talks with those who are on the future Talk schedule.  We can try and accommodate individual Talk presenter requirements and seek technical solutions.  There could however be some requirements that cannot have suitable workarounds. In such circumstances we would look to see if requirements can be relaxed, or at worst, look at the need to cancel the engagement.


We have the following equipment available for your use:

Chair, table, music stand/lectern, projector, screen/plain wall, laptop with cordless remote slide advance function. NB Please note the laptop is normally located on our AV desk and so we can control the Zoom Share-Screen when appropriate and use cameras at other times. This means you will not have visibility of PPT preview screen and may need to bring separate notes.

Wireless Lav or head microphone, PA system and audio loop for hearing aid wearers.

There is an elevated stage area in front of the screen (see photo below questionnaire), some presenters like to use this, while others avoid it.


    In respect of my booked attendance to Gardeners' Hall on

    I prefer to: , when presenting.
    (please tick all that apply)
    I will need the music stand/lectern:

    I will bring physical objects to show the audience:
    I need a table for these objects:
    I will invite audience member(s) to assist at/on stage:

    I will use PowerPoint:
    The PowerPoint includes audio and/or video:
    I need to play separate audio and/or video files:

    My presentation files can be sent ahead of the day:

    Windsor u3a undertake to NOT record the presentation, NOT allow Zoom participants to record the meeting, delete from our laptop all the files you provide.

    I'd like to offer items for sale after the presentation

    Do you have any questions for us?

    After clicking or tapping 'Submit' button, a few seconds later, a message will appear below the Submit button, you may need to scroll to see it. You will also receive a 'copy' confirmation e-mail of your answers to our questions and our commitment to respect your copyright materials.


    Gardeners’ Hall showing stage, screen and PA speakers, room can be dimmed for projection.
    Behind the camera are double doors to car park (also our disabled access).