We meet weekly, every Tuesday morning

This group is a thriving ukulele band. We are a friendly and supportive group playing a variety of songs from different times and genres. This group also known as UKE3A.
The monthly schedule is structured as follows:
1st Tuesday 11.30: UKE3A Open Session
2nd Tuesday 11.30: UKE3A Improvers
3rd Tuesday 11.30: Sing with Ukes
4th Tuesday 11.30: UKE3A Improvers
Last Tuesday 11.30: UKE3A Open Session

Convenor is Adele McN
This group classified under: Music

How we kept going in lockdown

During the 2020-21 lockdowns, the Ukulele group continued to enjoy meeting every week using Zoom. We found that if we all play together, the differing internet speeds made it sound disastrous! We discovered the way round this is to have one person leading by playing and singing, with the rest on mute. We did take it in turns so it made us practice for our solo. Once a month a music teacher runs the session to expand our knowledge of different techniques.

By playing from home we were also discovering diverse musical talents; a show and tell session revealed washboards, banjos, Nepalese singing bowls, gongs, drums,  pianos, and multiple percussion instruments (to name but a few!). We built on our playlist, and we added “When I’m Cleaning Windows”! You can see from the picture what enjoyable sessions these were, with thanks to our convenor Alan.

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The ukulele is easy to learn and beginners will be able to strum a song and have learnt a few chords by the end of their first session. The meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month is specifically aimed at beginners.

This page last updated: 09/10/2023